Excellent job by Merritt's Tree Service! They were extremely serious about safety. The crew worked as a team and did a fine job of removing dead limbs and one pine tree. Very professional and very reasonable. Will call again when needed.

Dawnee DeVillers

You will not find a better tree service in the area. I took several bids and the owner Josh impressed me as being a man of his word. He is fair, honest, and truly cares about customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them for your tree removal needs.

Stew P.

I was very pleased with the services performed by Merritt's Tree Service. The crew arrived when they said they would and immediately began work and made quick work of removing 3 trees from my backyard. When they came and gave me a quote they walked me through the process they would be using to safely remove all trees and it couldn't have went better. They're a very neat crew and leave your property in as good if shape (if not better) than it was when they arrived. Best experience I've had with a tree removal company by far.

Lane Carroll

Merritt Tree Service did an AMAZING job! I had other quotes and theirs was much better. We had a huge tree leaning towards our house and they had no problems with it. They trimmed our other trees away from our roof, grinned the stump to almost nothing and cleaned up everything. The price was reasonable and I can't believe they got it all done in a day!

Mollie Dornak

Exceptional tree service. Even got me in earlier than expected because they use every minute of the day trying to get to their clients. I had a difficult situation with a large tree that fell into lake. Fun day swimming with the chain saw!

Traci Martin

Superior service. Josh and his team treat your landscape as if it was their own. We have called on them more than once and have been very pleased every time.


They cut a 65 year old pin oak down between two drewllings, with chainsaws and ropes so amazing to watch. Would highly recommend them.

Patti Redding

Thank you to Josh and his crew. Great job taking care of my tree that was about to fall. I will be seeing them again soon for my other tree. These guys were terrific , efficient, and professional. And they cleaned it up and hauled it all away. Great competitive prices too!

Cheryl Walker

When our 30 year old palm tree froze last winter, it never revived. It was about 40 feet tall. Very sad to see it get removed along with 2 others. Josh was very professional and did a great job. I recommend them. Thanks again.

Donna Glaze

Great guys and his 12 year old son is a hoot. Showed up on time, gave a quote and started work 10 minutes later. Cleaned up all debris and was gone in just over an hour on the removal of a a 70 foot tall cypress. Highly recommend.

Brian William

Great job and reasonably priced. They did exactly what we had been agreed on time and professionally. We would definitely recommend Merritt Tree Service and will use them again.

Jan Walker

These guys were amazing. I called and that same day they showed up which was amazing since i had called 3 other tree removal services and they never showed up.
The tree was large and in between my house and my neighbors. Not a lot of room to work, but they got it done quickly and removed all the debris. I wasn't home so I was sent a text showing me the work had been done.
Great customer service! I'll use them again and highly recommend.

Jim Albright

Super reliable and professional. Showed up on time with guys ready to work. Went above and beyond our expectations. Gave a fair, honest price and were cheaper than 99% of other companies. Plus they had insurance which was the important decision on who we had cutting our trees.

Johnny Sisco

Highly recommended!!
Extremely knowledgeable about trees, their needs, growth patterns, life spans. I have used them to drop several large trees over the last couple of years. They are always so meticulous on the drop and clean up of the tree that you would never know there was ever a tree there when the are finished with the job.

Beth Geesing

Fast response upon contact and they are prepared to do the job. Thanks for peace of mind and great job cutting and removing the tree for me.

Helen Blake

One of if not the most well rounded tree services I have ever used. Always very respectful and they get right to business not to waste anyone's time or money. They can take care of any special request whether it's not destroying a plant right under neath a huge tree to something as simple as not knocking down your power lines which I have had happen by plenty of other tree company's. The mist important thing is though is that they clean. They take the whole yard and driveway not to leave any mess so that everyone is fully satisfied. 10 out of 10

Sean Beasley

Best tree service in east texas. Real professional tree service. I had a BIG 70+ foot tall elm tree right beside my carport and house. I was afraid it would fall on the house if we got a bad storm so I gave them a call. They are very professional, honest and best price around you wouldn't even know they was there when they was done and gone dont waste your time on any other tree company's!

Marvin Culpepper

Showed up on time, and avoided breaking my septic lid directly under my tree, and my fence. They came to prune another tree, gave me a free courtesy assessment and found a pine tree the beetles had infested and completely rotted one side that was posing a threat to my house. More than impressed. Owner was hands on and very honest and fair priced.

William Wright